Tasting the Moon is the memoir of my “road less traveled” pathway through life—from an eccentric childhood in an Irish Catholic family of eight, to a rude awakening I experienced in my father’s library at the end of the 50s, through the tumult of the 60’s, to ashram of Adi Da Samraj, the brilliant young spiritual adept I encountered in the 70’s.

I spent the next three decades under the tutelage of this unorthodox teacher and artist, following him on an adventure that took me from California to Hawaii to Australia to Fiji to Europe and back—as well as to spiritual dimensions not located on the map. Sometimes hilarious, often hair-raising, but always ultimately uplifting, our explorations were meant to shed light on the meaning of life . . . and just about everything else.

In describing the ego-deaths and transformations I went through in the process, and to connect my internal experience to events in the external world around us, I’ve drawn on an eclectic range of sources–from Vanity Fair to The Buddhist Bible, from Alanis Morisette to Ramana Maharshi, from fictional characters like Darth Vader and Edward Cullen to revered, real-life swamis like Vivekananda, Prahkashananda and Muktananda.

Mark Twain, struggling to write his own memoirs, once said “in my individual person I am the entire human race compacted together.” The sage humorist realized that his biography was just one take on the human story that we all share. As my own teacher once said, if we look hard enough, “You’ll discover everything is true of you. The totality of humankind is your biography.” In that spirit, in writing my own quirky story, including the messes I made along the way, I’ve tried to touch on themes that matter to all of us, like:

  • What happens when a transporting sense of spiritual unity lifts the lid off
  • Looking at both sides of desire in “reality consideration”
  • What vampires tell us about the taboo against the spirit
  • Uncovering female strengths and new gender roles
  • What it really means to be “sexually liberated”
  • Thawing the icy character that freezes out love
  • What true beauty is—in art, friends, & avatars
  • Dancing as tribal prayer for peace and light
  • Recurring and mysterious synchronicities
  • Healing debilitating Oedipal wounds
  • Blessing meant for everyone

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  • peter:

    Hello Meg

    I always love to hear how people’s lives are transformed by introducing a spiritual pracitse into their lives. And of course how their destiny changed course.

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